Fabrication - Ductwork

If you are a manufacturing company looking to modify your dust collection system, a commercial building owner changing the routing of the building’s ductwork or anyone who decides to change their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems on their own, but find they need some new ductwork fittings - contact us.

We can make any ductwork fittings you may need to complete your project. We can fabricate duct from galvanized metal, aluminum, stainless steel or mild steel. We can weld it or add sound liner. We can make plenums, roof curbs, straight duct, elbow, and any other type fitting imaginable, small to large.

For larger projects we can also provide installation drawings so that your installers will know which piece goes where. We have successfully completed many large fabrication jobs for projects overseas so we have the procedures in place to ensure that all ductwork arrives for installation.

You can pick up at our shop or we can deliver to you. We will also ship internationally.

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